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Since 2000

JUPITER is an agency that specializes in Strategic Communications and Communication Management. Our consultants have worked successfully in the field of strategic communications and public relations, on the Croatian and international markets, ever since 2000.

JUPITER aims to provide comprehensive communication solutions to companies, organizations and institutions, helping them improve performance, achieve goals and build reputation. We use objective, in-depth analysis and specialized knowledge to provide assistance in addressing and resolving business and public policy issues. We draw on our high level of expertise to assist our clients in implementing effective communication strategies.

JUPITER’s mission is to adhere to the principles of the knowledge economy, sustainable growth and development and to foster the values of socially responsible business through innovative, efficient and challenging communication projects.

Our Team

JUPITER is an agency for Strategic Communications and Communication Management

JUPITER is a member of EURACSIS, a European network of professional conference organizers and communication agencies across the European Union