Holistic approach

Big picture

We look at the big picture, identifying clients’ needs and opportunities within various stakeholder groups, disciplines and local environments. Our clients have different and multifaceted stakeholders, each with different attitudes, opinions, goals, moods, concerns, and motivation, ultimately leading to different decisions.

In order to connect effectively with these stakeholders, we seek to gain insight at each crucial point and learn as much as possible about their investing, using and reflecting cycles. It is only by putting these insights into a wider, holistic context that we can provide our clients with the most creative and effective strategies. By implementing these strategies with accuracy, creativity and accountability, we develop close, long-lasting relationships that produce lasting results.

Our holistic method brings together professionals, from various disciplines and different local markets, who form customized client-centric teams. By using a balanced, holistic approach, we take into consideration clients’ needs and opportunities while using field knowledge in order to gain key insights about stakeholders. These insights fill in the missing pieces of the puzzle to help us see the big picture, thus allowing us to create unique business and communications strategies.

The agility of our agency allows us to manoeuvre a diverse network with power and proximity, while leveraging our resources to provide clients with the most efficient strategic consulting and operational support. We understand that our clients have clear objectives and we find flexible ways of reaching those objectives.

Constant sharing of common knowledge know-how and new ideas are the driving force of our team, which is fundamental to our network's consistency and performance. Continuous communication and collaboration across our international network of agencies allows our family of specialists to remain at the top of their game.

JUPITER is an agency for Strategic Communications and Communication Management

JUPITER is a member of EURACSIS, a European network of professional conference organizers and communication agencies across the European Union