European Union and World Bank Projects

  • Ministry of Justice Republic of Serbia, “Prevention and Fight against Corruption”, Awareness raising Campaign
  • Ministry of Finance Republic of Croatia, “Strengthening Capacity of Croatian Tax Administration in the Area of Providing Customer Services (G2B) through Consolidation of IT System”, Awareness raising Campaign
  • Agency for Anti-Corruption of Serbia, “Support to the establishment of the Anti-Corruption Agency”, Awareness raising Campaign
  • Ministry of Justice Republic of Turkey, “Technical Assistance of Prevention of Corruption and Promotion of Ethics Projects”, Awareness raising Campaign
  • Ministry of Crafts and Entrepreneurship Republic of Croatia, “Support to cluster development for Croatia – Regional Competitiveness”, Awareness raising Campaign
  • Ministry of Justice Republic of Croatia, “Strengthening Anti-Corruption Inter-Agency Co–operation”, Awareness raising Campaign
  • Ministry of Labor and Pension System Republic of Croatia & Croatian Employment Service, “Social Protection System Modernization Project”, Internal Communication Project
  • EU Delegation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, “Production and Dissemination of Information Products for the Delegation of the European Union to BiH, Awareness raising Campaign
  • Una casa per l’uomo Società cooperativa Sociale Montebelluna – TV, Italy; Gruppo R Società cooperativa Sociale – Padova, Italy; Network Work with Perpetrators NWW, Germany, Bulgarian Gender Research Foundation; Association NAIA, Bulgaria; City of Zagreb and Home for children and adults – victims of domestic violence “Rainbow – Zagreb”, Croatia: “A Systematic Approach for Perpetrators”, Awareness raising Campaign

Strategic Communications & Public Relations & Integrated Marketing Communications

JUPITER is an agency for Strategic Communications and Communication Management

JUPITER is a member of EURACSIS, a European network of professional conference organizers and communication agencies across the European Union